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What does Drively do?

Drively is a Chrome extension that provides an improved file explorer for Google Drive.

Here are the features of Drively:

  • Browse and open files in one click
  • Quickly create Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Folders in any location (My Drive, subfolders, etc)
  • Right click any file/folder to copy its address or trash it

You can open Drively by clicking on the extension icon, or by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL-D (configurable).

How does Drively use personal data?

Drively uses the chrome.identity API to get OAuth2 access tokens for your Google Drive. Your browser caches the OAuth2 token in memory. The token is never sent to a server or otherwise saved by the extension.

Using the OAuth2 token, Drively makes requests to the Google Drive API to create/read/update your Google Drive files whenever you initiate an action to do so. The data returned from the Google Drive API is stored in memory and is never sent to a server. You can read the source code at to confirm that there is no server involved.